Public Law

The Public Law and Human Rights Program aims to support the introduction of policies that help improve respect for and exercise of human rights, with a special focus on the status of marginalized groups and minorities.

The most adequate way to see public law in the perspective of citizens’ needs and interests is through the lens of human rights. The post-conflict progress of BiH in ensuring respect for internationally recognized human rights has been rather limited. Through a number of activities, such as research, education, awareness raising and advocacy efforts, Analitika tries to support: (a) constitutional reform processes; (b) the development of policies that would enable all citizens of BiH to have equal rights to participate in political affairs and be able to act as candidates for public offices at all levels of government; (c) the development of minority-inclusive governance and increasing the available information about and understanding of problems related to the political participation of minorities; (d) putting anti-discrimination legislation into practice; (e) development of research, expertise and best comparative practice-based programs, focused on implementation of the forthcoming comprehensive Transitional Justice Strategy for BiH.

Public Data Now (2013 - 2015)
Public Legal Education (2011 - 2012)





Squaring the anti-discrimination triangle in BiH - legal framework, policies and practices 2012-2016.
Mario Reljanović, Midhat Izmirlija, Edin Hodžić, Dženana Radončić




Public Legal Education in BiH
Dženana Hrlović


Policy Brief: How to Reform the BiH Presidency?
Edin Hodžić, Nenad Stojanović
New/Old Constitutional Engineering
Edin Hodžić, Nenad Stojanović