Caring for carers: an analysis of informal care policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Providers of informal care are not recognised in the long-term care system in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The existing measures in the area of long-term care are primarily aimed at persons in need of care, whereby the needs of informal care givers are almost completely neglected. 

Themes: Social WelfarePolicy Analysis


The primary goal of this policy brief was to analyse the area of long-term care, focusing on informal care in BiH, and presenting international practices in this area which have been recognised and systemically regulated in most EU countries through various modes of providing support and services to informal care givers. Based on the identified examples of good practice in other countries, several recommendations for the systemic regulation of informal care in BiH have been formulated.

This policy brief is a result of the project „Caring for carers: policy analysis of informal care provision in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina“ implemented by European Policy Institute – Skopje in partnership with Center for Social Research Analitika. The project is supported by Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP).

The policy brief in English is available HERE.


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