Advocating for Open Government: Civil Society Organizations’ Seminar Held in Sarajevo


Hotel Europe, Conference Hall 3, Vladislava Skarića 5, Sarajevo

On September 26, 2014, Analitika organized a seminar in Sarajevo intended for civil society organizations from BiH that advocate for the principles of transparent and accountable government.

The seminar held at Hotel Europe officially entitled “Advocating for Open Government: Civil Society Organizations’ Seminar” almost coincided with the International Right to Know Day, and, more importantly, the news of Bosnia and Herzegovina being formally welcomed as the 65th country to join the Open Government Partnership at the event in New York celebrating its third anniversary.

Reflecting upon the Open Government Partnership and other initiatives that promote open government policies, this seminar's aim was to provide CSOs from BiH with insight into different approaches to open government advocacy and provide space for an exchange of experiences in this realm. The seminar consisted of four interactive sessions during which presenters discussed advocacy concepts and techniques, as well as offered practical examples of civil society campaigns in the transparency and accountability realm.

After a welcome message by Dr. Tarik Jusić, Executive Director and Head of the Public Communication Program at the Center for Social Research Analitika, Eóin Young from International Centre for Policy Advocacy opened the seminar with a presentation on different approaches, techniques and strategies of advocating for open government, linking various recommendations to examples collected from participants during the interactive session when they were asked to work in pairs and try answer the question: what works in advocacy for policy change in BiH? The second session led by Walter Palmetshofer (Open Knowledge Foundation Germany) concentrated on campaigns in Austria and Germany, while in the third part Dragan Koprivica (Center for Democratic Transition, Montenegro) presented a regional perspective on open government – focusing on policy advocacy in Montenegro. In the final session Eldin Karić (Anti-Corruption Civic Organizations' Unified Network ACCOUNT), Maja Branković (Transparency International BiH), and Nermina Voloder (Center for Social Research Analitika) opened the dialogue on advocating for Open Government in BiH, after which all participants joined the discussion of current advocacy activities and efforts in BiH, as well as future priorities for opening up government.

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Dragan Koprivica (Center for Democratic Transition, Montenegro) comments the news of BiH being welcomed as 65th member of the Open Government Partnership.
Eóin Young (International Centre for Policy Advocacy): is advocating for OGP more difficult than advocating for other issues?
This seminar is organized as part of the regional project "Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe", with the financial support of the European Union and Open Society Fund BiH.

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