Conference „From discrimination to inclusion and equality in education in BiH“


Hotel Europe, Konferencijska sala 1

The area of education in BiH is characterized by numerous problems. One of the most visible and the most present in the public sphere is certainly the complex problem of discrimination and segregation. "Two schools under one roof" and lack of inclusion of children with special needs are the two dominant manifestations of this problem. Despite the authoritative and arguable criticisms from relevant international instances, progress in combating segregation in education in BiH has been slow and limited. At the same time, discussion about the different dimensions of this problem and possible modalities of formulating policies and solutions aimed at overcoming discrimination and segregation, with full respect for rights of parents and children, is weakly represented among the general and professional public.

Center for Social Research - Analitika is organizing the conference „From discrimination to inclusion and equality in education in BiH", which will be held on 30th of May 2017, from 09:30 to 15:30, at the Hotel Europe in Sarajevo.

The aim of this conference is to gather relevant stakeholders from the governmental and non-governmental sector, as well as experts and relevant representatives of international organizations, to discuss the different dimensions of discrimination and segregation in education in BiH, and to discuss,  in the constructive atmosphere, key challenges, achievements and possible paths of progress in this area.

The program of the event in local languages can be found HERE.

Conference is organized within the project: Conference is organized within the project: “Equality for All: Civil Society Coalition against Discrimination“. Project is implemented by Mediacentar Sarajevo, Analitika – Center for Social Research, Rights for All and Vaša prava BiH. This project is financed by USAID and Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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