Commentary on Negative Court Ruling in Two Schools under One Roof Case

The commentary “Continuing Discrimination with Judicial Means: Logical Acrobatics and Absurdities of the Second Instance Decision in the Case of ‘Two Schools under One Roof,’“ written by Aleksandra Ivanković-Tamamović, offers an analysis of the recently adopted decision of the Cantonal Court in Mostar by which the first instance judgment of the Municipal Court in Mostar from 2012, which established that organizing lectures based on the principle of ethnicity discriminated against children in the divided schools of the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton, was annulled and the complaint itself was dismissed on procedural grounds.

Themes: Human RightsJudiciary and Access to Justice
Aleksandra Ivanković


The author points to the worrying lack of understanding of not only the key legal standards in the area of protection against discrimination, but also to the very role of the Second Instance Court in addressing a key problem of the BiH society demonstrated in this case.

The commentary was prepared as part of the "Anti-Discrimination program", coordinated and funded by the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The commentary in English language is available HERE.

The commentary in local languages is available HERE.