Expert Discussion “New/Old Constitutional Engineering?” Held


Mediacentar Sarajevo, Kolodvorska 3, Sarajevo

On Wednesday, May 18, Analitika organized the expert discussion 'New/Old Constitutional Engineering? Challenges and Implications of the European Court of Human Rights Decision in the Case of Sejdić and Finci v. BiH' in Mediacentar Sarajevo. A book by the same name, written by Edin Hodžić and Nenad Stojanović, was also promoted as part of this event.

As Edin Hodžić from the Center for Social Research Analitika stated during the presentation of the book, “the study primarily maps the field and outlines the challenges in the execution of the judgment in the case of Sejdić and Finci v. BiH by offering certain conceptual, international-legal and comparative guidelines and directions. We started with the hypothesis that the judgment that we are dealing with is much more complex than is usually thought. We believe and hope that the study will be read with criticism and complicity and that it will be a useful framework for consideration and for  new studies with respect to this inexhaustible and for us, essential topic.”

Dino Abazović, PhD (Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo), Marko Prelec, PhD (International Crisis Group) and Nedim Ademović, PhD (Constitutional Court of BiH) also participated in the discussion, moderated by Sevima Sali Terzić from the Constitutional Court of BiH. Some 40 representatives of local and international organizations active in the field of human rights protection  attended the event and had the opportunity to voice their opinion and participate in the discussion.

The thematic framework of this debate was defined by the following three questions: (1) The criteria and values of constitutional reform in the public discourse: are there alternatives to the values and perceptions of unitarism on one hand, and the strengthening of entities on the other?; (2) The process of constitutional reform between elitocracy and the inclusion of the public; and (3) Consensus mapping and the (non-)feasibility of constitutional reform: the future of the decision based on the positions of principal stakeholders.

Themes: Constitution, Institutions and Politics Ljudska prava
Programmes: Javno pravo