Mistaken Logic in Proving of Anti-Discrimination Proceedings: The Case of the Supreme Court of FBiH

The author Ivanković-Tamamović, using the case of Janja Martina Katović against the Glamoč municipality, points at the inaccurate implementation of discrimination legislation and rules of proving in antidiscrimination cases of the Supreme Court of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Themes: Human RightsJudiciary and Access to Justice
Aleksandra Ivanković

After the expiration of her mandate at the position of director of "Butterfly" kindergarten, Katović was the only candidate who applied for the same position which was announced by the Glamoč municipality. However, her mandate was not renewed because she was, as the author says, a nun. In the focus of this Commentary is the verdict brought by the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which the Court concludes that in the event of a lawsuit of Janja Martina Katović against the Glamoč municipality there were no elements of discrimination based on religious affiliation although the Municipal Court in Livno has confirmed discrimination, and the Cantonal Court in Livno confirmed the first instance verdict.

According to the interpretation of the Supreme Court of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Katović could not be discriminated because she was the only candidate who applied for the position. However, the author points out the misapplication of the rules of proving discrimination in this procedure, with the emphasis on misinterpretation of comparators in anti-discrimination cases.

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