Discussion Paper: Neglected Principles in Reforming the Presidency of BiH

Svjetlana Nedimović, PhD, reminds the readers of the difference in the position of the institution of the president of the state - in terms of its history, functions and symbolism - in relation to the parliament.

Themes: Constitution, Institutions and Politics Human Rights
Svjetlana Nedimović

Discussing the current proposals for reforming the Presidency of BiH in light of the European Court of Human Rights’ decision in the case of Sejdić and Finci v. BiH, the author points out that the fundamental role of the president as the supreme institution of the executive is usually neglected in those proposals: namely, this institution should not be a "replica of the society, but the symbolic embodiment of the state".

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The publication "What should be considered in reforming the Presidency of BiH: Representation of identities in light of contemporary democratic theory and practice" in the languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina is available HERE.