Support to the Open Government Initiative

Public institutions collect and produce a large amount of data when performing activities within the scope of their practice. Making such data public contributes to greater transparency in the public sector, while involving citizens in the debate on issues of public importance. Moreover, open public data are a resource for the creation of innovative products and services, the development of different types of applications, as well as conducting scientific researches. Many world countries have recognized wider social benefits of public data, and in different ways encourage opening and re-use of public data.

Within the project “Support to the Open Government Initiative," Analitika is conducting a survey on existing practices and policies in the field of open public data in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The result of the project is policy analysis which will address the challenges in the field of openness of public data in BiH, and offer concrete recommendations for the creation of conditions in BiH for the use of data for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the realization of the Open Government Partnership in BiH, as well as to draw attention to the social, economic and scientific/research potential of open data within the public sector.

The project is funded by the UK Government.



Vlada Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva