Public Legal Education

Center for Social Research Analitika and Foundation Mediacentar are implementing the project titled "Public Legal Education: Supporting Judiciary in B&H" in 2011 and 2012.

The project aims to improve public confidence in and respect towards justice institutions in BiH, through the development of strategies and programs of public legal education. This is a continuation of a pilot project  implemented by Foundation Mediacentar in 2010 and 2011.

Analitika's activities in this project include conducting qualitative research on needs, capacities and opportunities for development of public legal education (PLE) programs, with special focus on youth in BiH. The research will assess the current scope and nature of PLE activities, as well as existing needs and capacities in this domain, and offer policy recommendations for further promotion, coordination and development of PLE in specific BiH context.

This project is supported by USAID.

Project budget: 49.991,84 BAM
Donor: USAID



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USAID-ov Projekat razvoja sektora pravosuđa II


Dženana Hrlović
Edin Hodžić