Public Legal Education in BiH

Analitika has published the report “Public Legal Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina: an Overview of Needs, Opportunities and Capacities,” written by Dženana Hrlović.

Themes: Judiciary and Access to JusticeHuman Rights
Dženana Hrlović



The report is a result of a joint project of Analitika and Foundation Mediacentar Sarajevo titled “Public Legal Education: Supporting Judiciary in B&H”, which aims to improve public confidence in and respect towards justice institutions in BiH, through the analysis, examination and testing of corresponding programs and models of Public Legal Education (PLE). The project is supported by the USAID.

The report offers an overview of the most important initiatives in the field of PLE in BiH and countries that have relevant experience and best practices in this area. In addition, in accordance with available information relevant for BiH, as well as comparative insights, the report analyzes the needs and capacities for the development of PLE programs in the specific context of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and formulates recommendations for further steps in the implementation and institutionalization of these programs.

The English version of the report is available HERE.

The report in local languages is available HERE.