Working Meeting Addressing Drafting of OGP Action Plan Held in Sarajevo


Hotel Evropa Sarajevo, Conference Hall 2, Vladislava Skarica 5, Sarajevo

On September 24, 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina formally joined global multilateral initiative Open Government Partnership (OGP) as its 65th member, thus taking the responsibility of committing to concrete measures in implementing principles of open government. The next step for BiH after joining this initiative is the development of an action plan, due by the end of June 2015. Action plan is a document which makes all OGP member countries commit to undertake concrete measures and activities in order to improve transparency and liability of governance, active citizen participation in decision-making processes and usage of new technologies to increase the interaction between citizens and state institutions. 

The meeting gathered representatives of state institutions and civil society organizations - members of an informal network Open Government Partnership in BiH, to discuss the process of drafting the BiH action plan and get acquainted with experiences of countries from the region that already concluded these processes. The discussion focused on the next steps BiH ought to take in order to draft an action plan, first of which would be determining a state institution responsible for starting and leading the entire process. Special attention was given to the way the activities between different government levels and a wider range of civil society organizations would be coordinated, and the scope of their cooperation.

This meeting was organized within the regional project Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe, implemented in Albania, BiH, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo, as part of the activities of Open Government Partnership in BiH, an informal network of civil society organizations.

The event was organized with the financial support of the European Union and the Open Society Fund BiH.

Themes: Uprava i uslugeParticipatory Decision MakingTransparentnost i otvorena vlastInstitucionalno komuniciranje
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