Hate Crimes and Juveniles: Key Problems in Regulation and Processing
Due to the fragmentation of criminal legislation into four legislative levels (BiH, FBiH, Republika Srpska, and the Brčko District of BiH), and since the new codes came into force on different dates and provide diverse solutions in terms of the stipulated requirements for the application of individual institutes, juveniles in conflict with the law do not find themselves in the same position throughout the territory of our country. 
Themes: Judiciary and Access to JusticeHuman Rights
Jasna Pećanac


The juvenile justice system, which entails judicial treatment of juveniles in conflict with the law, is the final link in resolving the problem of juvenile delinquency,  must be set up as a fair system that protects the personalities and rights of juveniles in their best interest. 
This publication offers analysis on hate crime legislation in BiH from the perspective of the juvenile delinquency, and emphasise the specificity of current legal provisions and its problems in practice.
This publication is prepared as part of the project “Prosecuting hate: Towards adoption and implementation of EU standards and best practices in combating hate crimes in BiH”, implemented by the Association of Prosecutors of Federation BiH and Analitika, with the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The publication is also published in local languages as part of the edited volume “Hate Crimes: Challenges of Regulation and Prosecution in BiH”.