Policy Brief: Judicial Protection from Discrimination in BiH

“Judicial Protection from Discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Analysis of Laws and Practice Based on Initial Cases in This Field“, is the title of a policy brief based on the third report from a series of analytical studies about the anti-discrimination law and the practice of its implementation in BiH, published by Analitika in 2013.


Themes: Judiciary and Access to JusticeHuman Rights


Despite the fact that the generally progressive provisions of the BiH Law on Protection against Discrimination have brought significant innovations in protection of individuals against discrimination before the courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the implementation of these provisions in practice remains inadequate.

This policy brief summarizes the key problems in this area and recommends necessary steps to be undertaken by legislative and judicial authorities in BiH with a view at improving the role and effectiveness of courts in the protection against discrimination in BiH.

The analysis is prepared as part of the project “A Comprehensive Overview of the Anti-Discrimination Framework and Practice in BiH in Comparative Perspective,” implemented by Analitika. This project represents the policy segment of the “Anti-Discrimination Program,” coordinated and funded by the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

English version of the policy brief will is available HERE.

Policy brief in local languages is available HERE.