Policy Brief: The Ombudsman in the System of Protection Against Discrimination

In February 2013, Analitika published the policy brief “The Ombudsman in the System of Protection against Discrimination in BiH: Situation analysis and characteristic problems“. This brief is based on the report of the same name, and it attempts to point out key problems the Institution of Ombudsman is facing in its efforts to ensure equal rights for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Themes: Judiciary and Access to JusticeHuman Rights


Among the problems identified, structural ones come first as well as questions about the adequacy of the current territorial distribution and accessibility of the institution, its efficiency, specialization and expertise in specific areas of discrimination. Moreover, this policy brief has identified the lack of complementarity by the courts in relation to the Institution of Ombudsman in discrimination cases, which can have far-reaching consequences, bringing into question the principle of legal certainty.

The analysis is prepared as part of the project “A Comprehensive Overview of the Anti-Discrimination Framework and Practice in BiH in Comparative Perspective,” implemented by Analitika. This project represents the policy segment of the “Anti-Discrimination Program,” coordinated and funded by the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The policy brief in English is available HERE.

The policy brief in local languages ​​is available HERE.