Open Government Guide – "Open Government Data" and "Records Management"

Open Government Guide contains practical guidelines for developing action plans for implementation of Open Government Partnership initiative. This is the result of work done by several civil society organizations gathered around the Transparency & Accountability Initiative.

Themes: Transparency and Open GovernmentInstitutional CommunicationParticipatory Decision Making


The guide consists of chapters on different topics and thematic areas among which are: budgets, assets disclosure and conflict of interest, consumers protection, right ot information, open government data, whisterblowers protection, ect. Each topic provides a list of  ‘illustrative commitments’; specific, practical, measurable, and action-oriented steps that governments might include in their Action Plans. The Guide provides country examples and links to more detailed standards and guidance in each area.

This guide is an important resource for government and civil society representatives promoting more transparent, responsive and effective government. The guide is mainly aimed at people who are directly involved in developing and implementing open government action plans, such as: civil servants tasked with coordinating open government efforts, officials from line ministries and government agencies developing and implementing open government actions in their particular areas, elected officials, civil society activists and experts engaged with open government issues.

Center for Social Research Analitika has translated into local languages two chapters of the Open Government Guide: "Open Government Data" and "Records Management", which provide the overview of possibile commitments, from initial to advanced ones, all relevant to the open government. Partner organizations Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) from Serbia and Centre for Democracy and Human Rights from Montenegro also published translations of Open Government Guide's chapters, and publications are available at the following links: 

Assets disclosure and conflicts of interest

Privacy and data protection

Right to information

Police and public security

Whistleblower protection

The publication is a result of the project Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe", funded by the European Union.