Public Data Now

Center for Social Research Analitika, in cooperation with Mediacentar Foundation and European Journalism Center is implementing the project “Public Data Now-Civil Society Initiative for Open Government Policies and Practices”. 

The project aims to enhance government transparency and accountability by making information and data held by the government easily accessible to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Its focus is on capacity improvement and education of civil society organizations and media on the use of new technologies to access, process and distribute information and data held by the government institutions and public bodies and agencies. In parallel with the educational activities, the project orients toward producing and publishing various educational materials, policy studies and policy briefs on how to improve the existing legal framework on free access to information and data. 

The project envisages realization of a number of activities such as organization of several workshops on the strategic use of new technologies for effective communication and advocacy; training program on the use of public data in journalism (data journalism), as well as research and advocacy for public policies on free access to information in possession of government. 

Project duration is 16 months (November 1, 2013 – March 1, 2015).

Project budget: 79.230,00 KM 

Donor:  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sarajevo (MATRA program). 



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Public Data Now
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