Anti-Discrimination measures without measurement: Collecting data on discrimination in B&H

Even seven years after the adoption of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination Bosnia and Herzegovina still does not have a functional system for collecting data on discrimination.

Themes: Human Rights


Even though the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, which regulates the area of data collection on discrimination in B&H, is in force for seven years now, functional system for collecting this data has not yet been established. The key legal requirement to establish a central database on discrimination is not fulfilled and mechanisms for data collection in this area were never put into practice. Although the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees B&H has taken certain steps towards the establishment of the system, the alarming fact is that the whole process is running slow, with many shortcomings and incompleteness.

The new Policy brief of Analitika aims to offer an insight into the system of data collection on discrimination in B&H, identify key issues and offer recommendations for the improvement of the system in this field.

Policy brief was published in the framework of the project Quality for All: Civil Society Coalition against Discrimination, which in partnership implemented by Mediacentar Sarajevo, Analitika-Center for Social Research, Rights for All and Your Rights B&H. The project is funded by USAID and Open Society Fund.

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