Management of Institutions are responsible for government openness to citizens

Results of the cooperation with the institutions regarding the strengthening of openness and proactive transparency were presented by TI BiH and the Coalition of NGOs at the conference „Partnership for the Open Government in BiH“ on 18th April 2016. in Sarajevo.

TIBiH, CPI Foundation, Center for Social Research Analitika and the Association of Citizens Why Not had previously worked together in the development of a dialogue and promotion of the open data and proactive transparency in the work of public institutions through the empowermentpossibi of their capacities in the project supported by the UK Government. „Only more transparent, responsible and open governments may serve their citizens“, it was pointed out at the beginning of the conference during the presentation of the results of work with the institutions.

TI BiH implemented the program that consisted of 6 modules to strengthen the capacities of the institutions in the field of proactive transparency, open data and communication with the citizens. The following institutions were involved in the program: the Ministry of Justice of BiH, the Agency for Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption in BiH, the Communications Regulatory Agency of BiH, the BiH Central Election Commission, the State Investigation and Protection Agency and the Audit Office of Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of them have made a progress in a very short time in terms of proactive disclosure of documents. During the presentation of the results SIPA achieved in this project, Kristina Jozic, a public information officer of this institution, emphasized that the key driver to more transparent and responsible government is support of the management of institutions and readiness of the civil servants that work on the generation of data.

Nermina Voloder, junior researcher at Center for Social Research Analitika talked about the importanc of open data and benefits society can get from it. "Open data can help inovators to improve existing and develop new products and service, especially in the areas where they are urgently needed such as: tourism, culture and finance sector", said Voloder.