Public Procurement Monitoring is Essential for Efficient and Transparent System

“Research conducted by Analitika has shown that field of public procurement is affected by corruption and many ways of misuse which can cause destructive social and economic consequences Therefore, existence of strong prevention and controlling mechanism is key factor in ensuring public procurement system is functioning properly and that it is of public interest”, said Nermina Voloder, Junior Researcher at Analitika.

Representatives of chamber of commerce, contracting authorities, public institutions that are in line of monitoring law implementation in this field as well as NGO representatives which focus is on public procurement participated in this debate.

Admir Ćebić from the Public Procurement Agency said that for the efficient public procurement monitoring system it is needed to have cooperation between relevant institutions, new organization of Public Procurement Agency, organizational unit that will be dedicated only to public procurement monitoring, better use of IT as well as Public procurement portal advancement.