My Place: New Data on Municipalities in BiH for 2010

The My Place website now entails available data from 2005 to 2010, grouped according to several categories such as demographic, economic, education, geographic, health and political variables.

Besides the population estimates, My Place for 2010 offers data on population density, birth and mortality rates, as well as rates of the natural increase, number of primary pupils and number of doctors per municipality. Also, there is available data on the number of employed and unemployed persons, the percentage of labor force in total population, unemployment rate, as well as an estimate of gross domestic product per capita for each municipality. The data on the general elections from 2010 were also entered, and in addition to the data on the number of registered voters, statistics on voter turnout are included. All data presented on the My Place web site ( were obtained from the official sources.

Our team is currently collecting official data for 2011.

The complete list of data on My Place is available here:

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