"My Place": Access to Data on Municipalities in BiH

The overall, long-term goal of “My Place" is to help local governance reform efforts in BiH. It’s specific objectives are to simplify access to municipality-related data for all interested stakeholders; to increase transparency of local self-government reform processes and performance of local governments; and advance policy making processes and efforts at the local government level. Project activities include the creation of comprehensive, easy-to-use, publicly accessible data sets on each BiH municipality, the creation of analytical tools enabling comparison across municipalities, collection of other relevant information and reports on each municipality and creation of data profiles for each municipality, establishment of a website that would be used as an interface for users of data sets and profiles, as well as systematic promotion and advocacy activities.

The project is supported by the Think Tank Fund and the Information Program of the Open Society Foundations, as well as the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation BiH (SDC BiH).