Analitika gets 5-star Transparency Rating from Transparify

Every year, Transparify rates over 150 institutions, examining whether institutions cite their supporters/donors, provide exact funding amounts, indicate all projects and their duration, and make all this information highly accessible on their websites.

At Analitika, we advocate for transparency and public access to information, so we disclosed our detailed financial information about who supports our work with lists of specific projects over the years 2010-2014, available through the ‘Finance Reports’ section of our website – which, ultimately, lead us to the 5-star ranking. We joined four other new organizations from Canada, Georgia and the USA that recently committed to the 5-star transparency, following a significant momentum toward greater transparency, and demonstrating commitment to the principles of transparent, open and participatory governance. We sincerely hope that more and more local, regional and world organizations join us in the global think tank movement towards transparency.