Workshop on the Future of Public Service Broadcasting in the Western Balkans


Hotel Europe, Conference Hall 1, Vladislava Skarića 5, Sarajevo

On the 1st of October, Analitika hosted the second workshop on the Future of Public Service Broadcasting in the Western Balkans, aimed at bringing together regional researchers and expert peer reviewers, as well as our colleagues from the University of Fribourg.

The workshop is a part of a project jointly led by Analitika and the University of Fribourg Media and Communications Department, “The prospect and development of public service media: Comparative study of PSB development in Western Balkans in light of EU integration”. This project investigates the position, role, functioning, and the future of public service broadcasters (PSB) in six countries in the Western Balkans – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia, taking into account the specific context in which these services developed and the role the European Union played in these processes. The project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Researchers presented their research and working papers on particular case studies, upon which country-specific chapters of the final book will be based. This was an opportunity for the team to receive feedback from peers and engage in a broader discussion on the future of PSB in the region of the Western Balkans.

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