Towards Proactive Transparency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The policy memo by Center for Social Research Analitika points out that the legal framework on freedom of access to information in Bosnia and Herzegovina should include provisions on proactive disclosure of information held by public institutions. 

Themes: Governance and Service DeliveryParticipatory Decision MakingTransparency and Open GovernmentInstitutional Communication


The debate on the right of access to information in BiH to date has almost entirely disregarded the principle of proactive disclosure of information held by public authorities. The principle of disclosure has been recognized as good practice in the context of the right to access information and is a part of the institutional framework of many countries. According to Analitika’s policy memo, current efforts of the BiH government to harmonize the Freedom of Access to Information Act in BiH with the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents should take into account this principle, which was for the first time codified in international law through this Convention. 
The publication in English language is available HERE.