International Assistance and Media Democratization in the Western Balkans: Lessons Learned

Policy memo „International Assistance and Media Democratization in the Western Balkans: Lessons Learned“ provides an overview of receiving support from the International Community and its impact on the process of democratization of the media in the Western Balkans.

Themes: Media and Democratization


The investment of the international community of 269.2 million euros which was invested in the media system of seven Western Balkans countries, have resulted in different success, and proved that the crucial factor in a context that is different from country to country. Despite a number of achievements, after the termination of international support, the vast majority of media markets turn back to its earlier form and the greatest failure may be considered the process of establishing public broadcasters in the mentioned countries. A detailed analysis of the connection international support and democratic transformation of the media in five Western Balkan countries can be found in this policy memo, which contains recommendations for improving the mentioned media system.

Policy memo can be downloaded HERE.

This publication is produced within the project “Development of Functional Media Institutions in Western Balkans - A Comparative Study” implemented in 2012 and 2013 by the Center for Social Research Analitika from Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Center for Research and Policy Making from Macedonia, the Albanian Media Institute, from Albania, and Democracy for Development from Kosovo.