Stakeholder participation in making public policy


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Participation of stakeholders through public consultations when adopting public policies is an important aspect of public administration reform and is the indicator of the degree of development of democratic institutions of society. Thus, important elements of the legal framework governing the field of public consultation were adopted in BiH, and a system of e-consultation was established, which made the process of public consultations at the level of BiH more efficient and transparent. In this respect, this module will provide a detailed insight into the key principles, mechanisms, effects and challenges when it comes to the implementation of the legal framework for public consultation in BiH, taking into account international standards and good practices in that field.

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This training is part of the project “Policies through Knowledge: Improving Policy-making Capacities and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina” which is implemented by the Center for Social Research Analitika and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael, in partnership with the Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is financed by MATRA programme within the Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnerships of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Themes: Institucionalno komuniciranje