Naser Miftari

Naser Miftari, is pursuing his PhD studies in Political Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He holds a Master’s in Journalism from Temple University-Philadelphia. He completed his BA studies in journalism at the University of Tirana-Albania. Over the last decade, Naser has taught courses in undergraduate and graduate level in media and political science at various institutes, colleges and universities in the Balkans and the US including Kosovo Institute of Journalism, Southeast Europe University in Macedonia, College of Journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Ole Miss, School of Journalism in Oxford, Mississippi. His dissertation explores the relationship between the processes of democratization and the political economy of media. His main areas of interests are comparative media development and democratization, media discourse analysis and public opinion. Within the project “Development of Functional Media Institutions in Western Balkans - A Comparative Study” Naser was involved as a principal researcher and author on behalf of the Democracy for Development from Kosovo.