Squaring the anti-discrimination triangle in BiH - legal framework, policies and practices 2012-2016.


Hotel Europe, conference room Atrium

Analitika - Center for Social Research has organized a promotion of the report “Squaring the anti-discrimination triangle in BiH - legal framework, policies and practices 2012-2016.” in Sarajevo on 5th of December 2016, which brought together representatives of relevant institutions and organization in the field of the fight against discrimination. The aim of this event was to familiarize key actors in the field with the main findings of the analysis and to encourage the dialogue and cooperation of the key stakeholders in the field of fight against the discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Introductory presentations were held by Eden Hodžić, Director of the Center for social research Analitika, Dženana Radončić, Teaching assistant at his Faculty of Law (University of Zenica), Midhat Izmirlija, Assistant professor at the Faculty of Law (University of Sarajevo) and Aida Malkić, a researcher in the field of the fight against discrimination at Center for social research Analitika. After the presentations, fruitful discussion with  with participants was opened.

Key conclusions of the event were:

  • The system of protection against discrimination is well designed, but not fully implemented even seven years after the adoption of Law on Prohibition of Discrimination. Apparently there are insufficient human and material resources, and lack of knowledge on the side of key stakeholders to apply the Law more consistently. In addition, cooperation and coordination among the actors is not satisfactory.

  • The legal framework is significantly improved with the adoption of amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination in this year, and all the key elements are in line with EU directives. However, it was pointed out that there is still a room for further improvement - particularly through better and more precise regulation of exceptions to the equal treatment in accordance with the directives, additional protection and motivation of victims to seek judicial intervention and the intervention of Ombudsman institution, and that special attention should be paid to mobbing as the most widespread form of discrimination.

  • In general, key institutions did not adequately and fully respond to the challenges of protection from discrimination - even seven years later Ombudsman institution faces serious problems in fulfilling its role of a central body for protection against discrimination; although some improvement can be identified, courts in BiH have not yet fully mastered the complex matter of standards for protection against discrimination; The Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH has not made much progress in meeting their key task - ensuring monitoring and statistics in relation to cases of discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the reporting on discrimination in BiH.

Participants of the event agreed that government and authorities in BiH should pay more attention to improvement of the protection against discrimination in the coming period, but also that it is necessary to continue and intensify the broader public debate on this topic.

The report can be found HERE.

The event was organized within the project:  “Equality for All: Civil Society Coalition against Discrimination“. Project is implemented by Mediacentar Sarajevo, Analitika – Center for Social Research, Rights for All and Vaša prava BiH. This project is financed by USAID and Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.