Can Research Have an Impact on Public Policy: Between Public Will and Strategic Approach to Research and Advocacy


Hotel Europe, Konferencijska sala 1, Vladislava Skarića 5, Sarajevo

Center for Social Research Analitika organized the event "Can Research Have an Impact on Public Policy: Between Public Will and Strategic Approach to Research and Advocacy", which was held on December 17, 2015, from 15:00 to 17:30 hrs in Hotel Europe in Sarajevo. This event was intended for former Policy Development Fellowship Programme (PDFP) Fellows, as well as other public policy researchers.

This event had three main goals:

  • Understanding the preconditions for the development of policy research: The first goal of the event was to continue the discussion from the previous consultative meeting held for the PDFP fellows in early October 2015 in Sarajevo, where the problem of inability to achieve an impact on decision makers and on specific public polices was particularly highlighted. Starting from such a defined problem, this time the participants had an opportunity to hear from several researchers and activists about their experiences of attempts to change public policies in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Program director of association "Akcija" Aida Kalender presented civil society action "I am the Museum", whose main result was reopening of the National Museum, after which Nermina Voloder, researcher at Analitika, held a presentation on public administration transparency. Director of Association for Democratic Initiatives Sarajevo (ADI) Snježana Ivandić Ninković held the third presentation with a special focus on research and human rights advocacy. Panel discussion with all event participants that followed the presentations was a part of the efforts to encourage discussion on the key preconditions and challenges of the development of the area of ​​policy research in general.

  • Support to the professionalization of policy research: Additionally, ethics and quality standards of policy research were presented at the event, as a result of the engagement of the working group composed of representatives from 16 research institutions in BiH. The goal of the promotion of these standards is to encourage professionalism and improve the quality of policy research in BiH.
  • Connecting researchers and research organizations: Finally, another purpose of the event was to connect PFDP scholars and representatives of organizations engaged in policy research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to potentially create an opportunity for their possible cooperation.

This event was organized within the project Policy Initiative: Development of Research Capacities in the Field of Public Policy implemented by the Center for Social Research Analitika, financially supported by Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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