Conference Partnership for the Open Government


Vladislava Skarića 5

Conference entitled Partnership for the Open Government in BiH will be held on Monday, 18th April 2016, at the Hotel Europe in Sarajevo (Atrium Hall) at 10.30h. Please find the agenda attached. Conference is organized vy Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI BiH) in cooperation with the Coalition of NGOs.

This will be the opportunity to present the results of all activities undertaken so far by the institutions and civil society organizations regarding the proactive transparency, as well as the results of work with institutions at state level concerning the proactive publication of information. TI BiH and Center for social research – Analitika will present the results of the survey on the open data readiness of the institutions, and standards, practices and challenges in terms of open data, including the analysis of the legislative and institutional framework of BiH in this field. Representatives of the Foundation CPI (Center for Public Interest Advocacy) and the association of citizens Why Not, along with their guests, will present the results of their work with the local and cantonal authorities and citizens in Tuzla canton.

The conference is organized as part of the project „Support the Initiative for the Open Government“, financed by the United Kingdom Government, and implemented by the Coalition of NGOs, aimed at promoting the Open Government Partnership and supporting BiH institutions to fulfill the obligations undertaken by becoming member of the Partnership.

Within the project “Support to the Open Government Initiative," Analitika is conducting a survey on existing practices and policies in the field of open public data in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The result of the project is policy analysis which will address the challenges in the field of openness of public data in BiH, and offer concrete recommendations for the creation of conditions in BiH for the use of data for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the realization of the Open Government Partnership in BiH, as well as to draw attention to the social, economic and scientific/research potential of open data within the public sector.

Themes: Transparentnost i otvorena vlast
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