Why BiH Should Join Open Government Partnership

A policy memo by Analitika points to the reasons why Bosnia and Herzegovina should join the international initiative Open Government Partnership.

Themes: Governance and Service DeliveryParticipatory Decision MakingTransparency and Open GovernmentInstitutional Communication


The aim of the multilateral initiative Open Government Partnership (OGP) is to encourage states across the world to undertake concrete measures in order to improve the transparency of public institutions, their accountability, citizen engagement in decision-making processes and the use of new technologies for a better governance. To date, 60 states have joined the initiative, including all countries of the Western Balkans except for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Kosovo.

There are a number of reasons why BiH should join OGP: First of all, citizens of BiH have high expectations concerning the level of openess of public institutions, and research shows an especially low level of trust of citizens in government institutions and political structures in BiH. This should be a signal for public authorities that change is necessary. In addition. BiH would join other states from the region and the world and show that it is committed to the principles of open government and processes of true public administration reform. And finally, through the initiative, BiH authorities would have at their disposal the expertise, technical and other resources, which they may use to improve governance efforts and to support reform processes.

The publication is a result of the project "Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe," financed by the European Union and Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The publication in English language is available HERE.