Transparency of Public Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The policy memo by Analitika points to the benefits of open policies in the area of higher education, and provides recommendations for increasing the level of transparency of public universities in BiH.

Themes: Governance and Service DeliveryParticipatory Decision MakingTransparency and Open GovernmentInstitutional Communication


Transparency of public universities in BiH can be described as insufficient, which is supported by the fact that all relevant legislation in the area of higher education in BiH does not provide an adequate basis for the reform towards more open and transparent institutions.

Public institutions and services should be reformed so as to be more accessible, open and user-oriented, which implies openness and availability of public information, as well as greater involvement of citizens in the work of these institutions. Since education represents one of the main public services in every developed society, it is necessary that higher education institutions in the upcoming period focus on increasing its transparency, and to open their information to broader public. This step will be particularly challenging for higher education institutions in BiH, since they have not made significant steps in this field in recent years.

This policy memo strives to draw attention to the principles and benefits of open policies in the area of higher education and to initiate broader discussion about these policies. In the end, the policy memo urges the relevant decision makers to include activities of increasing transparency of higher education institutions in their program goals.

This publication, currently available only in local languages, is a result of the project "Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe", financed by the European Union and Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.