Recommendations for Public Procurement System in BiH Improvements

Policy memo presents key results of conducted analysis and recommendations for public procurement system improvements. This document is organized by different aspects of the public procurement system.

Themes: Transparency and Open Government


Public procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina makes huge part in total budget spending. From 2010 to 21014, public institution at different level spent 15,5 billion KM for different types of products, services and public works. Taking in consideration that spending this much money on public procurement means that private sector makes huge income from public sector. This also results that public procurement system in BiH is affected by misuse and corruption. Bosnia and Herzegovina, in that sense, is not an exemption. According to the research conducted by Analitika in 2014, 20% of 511 examinees admitted bribe was asked from their company representatives or were expected to give bribe, present or reciprocal favor in order to win public procurement.

Recommendations for Public Procurement System in BiH Improvements cover four fields of public procurement system: public procurement transparency, e-procurement, public procurement monitoring and legal protection in public procurement. 

Policy memo can be downloaded HERE.

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