Active Labour Market Policies in BiH: Why More Attention Should be Paid to Training Programmes?

Why should there be more attention paid to trainings within active labor market policies find out in Analitika’s new policy memo. Active labor market policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is underdeveloped. Reform is urgently needed in order to achieve improvements.

Themes: Policy Analysis


Public spending on active labor market policy is low. In 2014 it was 0.15% of the GDP, while, approximately, EU members spend 0,45% of their GDP for this purpose. Analysis show that inadequate targeting of these programs, such as targeting groups that already have higher chances to find a job (such as young  people with degrees etc). Also, capacity of the public employment services is limited which reduces for the adequate implementation of active labor market policy. Current active labor market policy is an isolated set of intervention on the labor market which are mainly oriented to direct employment of target groups in order to temporarily solve some of the burning issues of the current socioeconomic situation in BiH.

Policy memo in English language can be downloaded HERE

This policy brief has been produced as part of the research within the Think and Link Regional Policy Programme project titled “Challenging unemployment in the Western Balkans: Enhancing active labor market policies in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia” implemented by Analitika – Center for Social Research in cooperation with Finance Think from Macedonia and Agenda Institute from Albania supported by the European Fund for the Balkans. The views presented in the policy brief are author’s views and do not necessarily reflect the position of the European Fund for the Balkans.