Survey Results: The Trend of Citizens’ Distrust in Political Parties and Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina Continues

For the third year in a row, Analitika has conducted a research on public trust in government institutions, political actors and other organizations in BiH.

Themes: Governance and Service DeliveryParticipatory Decision MakingTransparency and Open GovernmentInstitutional Communication


Similar to previous years, the survey conducted in 2015 showed that citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina at least trust political parties. The results also indicate a low level of citizens' trust towards the institutions of the executive and legislative authorities at all levels of government.

On the other hand, religious institutions, non-profit organizations and utility companies enjoy significant trust of the citizens.

The survey was conducted in November 2015 in cooperation with the agency for market research Mareco Index Bosnia.

The survey was conducted within the project "Advocacy for Open Government: Supporting the Right to Know in South East Europe", funded by the European Union.