Local Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Potential of Neglected Institutions

Results of research on local communities (mjesne zajednice - LCs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), presented in this policy brief, suggest that participation in a variety of local issues are of direct relevance to the needs of the community. The research also points to the different possible roles that LCs could perform depending on the needs of the community.

Themes: Governance and Service DeliveryParticipatory Decision MakingDecentralization
Mirna Jusić


However, most of the LCs in BiH has, de facto, lost their tasks, capacities and resources, and are reduced to representative bodies without institutional memory necessary for the continuity of work. This policy brief contains a number of recommendations for improving the institutional development of LCs, as well as their different functions.

Policy brief is published as a part of the project Local Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Challenges and Prospects for Institutional Development. This publication is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The content and findings of this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the Swiss Government.

The publication in English is available HERE.

The publication in local languages, is available HERE.