Almir Maljević

He received his PhD in 2009 from Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät (Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg) and The Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Freiburg, Germany).
He received his MA degree in 2005 from the Faculty of Law, University of Mostar, and his BA degree in 2000 from the Faculty for Criminal Justice, University of Sarajevo. Since 2001, he has been offering his expertise, research and consultancy services to numerous local government institutions, the NGO sector and international organizations. He is the author of four monographs, co-editor of eight books and author or co-author of over 20 academic papers on topics of criminal law and criminology, published either in English or German. Currently, he works as Assistant Professor at the Faculty for Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo. His research focus lies on the institutions of the criminal law system, organized crime, juvenile delinquency, human trafficking and migrants smuggling, corruption, money laundry, criminal legislature and the Europeanisation of BiH criminal legislature system.